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PCLA operates seven facilities that house ninety individuals. The services provided cover a range of rehabilitation and housing options for persons diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness or those with a serious and persistent mental illness and substance use issue.

PCLA supports and works in partnership with several colleges and universities to provide educational and training opportunities through daily interactions of students with clients, residents and staff. These multidisciplinary students are provided enhanced learning opportunities in a supported environment.

Pioneer House
Pioneer House

Pioneer House is a twenty-bed community residential facility that focuses on assisting individuals in developing the skills necessary to facilitate the transition to independent community living. To this end, assistance is given in a variety of areas including budgeting/finances, communication skills, illness medication education, and networking for community services and support. Emphasis is placed on resident involvement and participation in all aspects of the program. Pioneer’s program is based on the psychosocial rehabilitation model and provides a balance of structured and unstructured time, in accordance with the individual needs of each resident.

Millers Way
Millers Way

Millers Way is a ten-bed program that emphasizes psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery, focusing on the individual’s strengths and abilities through fostering choices to promote independence and growth. This strength based program helps residents gain self-esteem, self-reliance, dignity and recovery. On a day-by-day basis, residents are encouraged to make suggestions and participate in activities, groups and outings that promote and enhance daily living, social, and vocational skills.

Lina’s Place
Linas Place

Lina’s Place is a 12-bed Mental Health Assisted Living program. This program provides a stable, supportive environment for persons with a mental illness who require support in developing the skills and resources to increase personal competencies and quality of life. There is an emphasis of awakening hope with goals moving towards recovery, personal success, and independent living.
Residents are continually encouraged to assume productive citizenship roles both within the home and in the broader context of the community, through schooling, volunteering or employment. The belief in the ability of each individual to learn and grow to reach his or her full potential is fundamental in the program.

Adrian House
Adrian House

Adrian House is a 10-bed program with a philosophy of supporting residents in an environment conducive to privacy, dignity, and the growth of self-esteem and self-reliance. Staff persons assist individuals to make choices, and provide opportunities for the development of needed skills and resources to increase personal competencies and quality of life. The service is resident-centered and involvement of the resident is sought in every aspect of their lives. Group and 1-1 services to enhance lifestyle management and positive mental health are offered at Adrian House. Emphasis is placed on resident strengths, abilities, and is focused on personal growth.

Dominion House – Bridging Program
Dominion House

The Dominion House program is hosted in a five-bed duplex, which accommodates the five Bridging Program residents, who are ready to live more independently. The program is not licensed and is staffed with one activity coordinator working Monday to Friday. The residents are responsible for shopping, cooking, and the general upkeep of the house and yard. They all actively participate in many community programs.


“Thank you for all you continue to do for my mom. Without the help of Adrian House, she would not be the person she is today. You have helped my mom find her way back, and we will always be grateful for all the wonderful staff.”
John (not his real name), son of past client at Adrian House  

Elizabeth Barnett Terrace – Supported- Independent Living Program
Elizabeth Barnett Terrace

Elizabeth Barnett Terrace program is housed in a twenty-three-unit supported independent living apartment building. The goals of this program are to provide safe and affordable housing that fosters independent living, to provide the least restrictive environment possible, and to prevent the need for hospitalization. The supported independent living worker works with tenants towards establishing their own safe, comfortable, and contained physical environment and taking responsibility for their own general well-being. This includes household management functions such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, paying bills, safety, and security. Tenants are encouraged to participate and take ownership of cooperative management decisions in their environment and to become connected in the community in a meaningful way.

Community Response Short-Stay Treatment (CRESST)
Pioneer House

CRESST, is a ten-bed community response short-stay program. This program has a primary and a secondary mandate. Primary mandate is to provide step down and transition from hospital, and to free up acute care mental health beds. The secondary mandate is to provide psychiatric stabilization to community clients to prevent hospitalization. CRESST provides a structured therapeutic environment that offers psycho-educational groups during the clients’ stay. It works in conjunction with the psychosis treatment optimization program and admits clients who are changing from more traditional antipsychotic medications to clozapine. The program provides service for 275 clients annually and has two psychiatrists employed to treat and adjust medications. The average length of stay is eight to ten days.

Journey towards Independence

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