PCLA launches new logo

PCLA is launching a new logo and a new website at a time when the organization is looking towards the future. PCLA started housing 20 residents at Pioneer House in 1982 and now can service 90 clients at any one time in seven unique programs.

PCLA’s new logo exemplifies the organization’s mission in the community. PCLA put the right pieces together to treat and house each client in the community. It clearly expresses the successful partnership between PCLA and the clients – working together to achieve each individual’s personal goals of recovery. Each puzzle piece is different to symbolize the different PCLA programs and each unique client’s needs.

The website is an essential part of staying connected. It will serve as a hub of information for the community, clients, staff and partner organizations. Check out news and events for the latest information.


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Head Office:
220 Sherbrooke Street, New Westminster
British Columbia, Canada V3L 3M2

Telephone: 604.525.2084

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