PCLA looks back at 30 years of serving clients in the community

PLCA is proud of its three decades of helping people with mental illness get a chance at a new start.

"I have seen so many people come through our doors feeling hopeless and leaving with independence and confidence that they can live better," says executive director Colleen Dewar who has been with PCLA since its inception. She started her career as a registered psychiatric nurse when being institutionalized was the only option for mentally ill people.

In 1982, PLCA opened its first program, Pioneer House, a twenty-bed community residential facility. "There weren't many organizations like ours back then," says Rosanne Rothenberg, president of the board of directors. PCLA's focus is on helping their clients achieve their personal goals with client-directed services. "We want our residents to succeed in the long-term," says Rothenberg.

PCLA is looking at the future of mental health care and believes that connecting with community will continue to be the key to recovery. "We are always reviewing our programs and will ensure that they continue to meet the needs of our clients," says Rothenberg.

Over the past 30 years, PCLA has grown to seven unique programs that house and service 90 clients at any one time.

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