Food brings people together

PCLA residents cook together to create community. It is an ancient ritual that works to build confidence, form friendships and learn essential life skills.

"Residents cook for each other every month," says Sandi Kroeker, manager of care at Adrian House. "We have been doing it for years. It really fosters a sense of purpose and a chance to offer recognition to others."

Cooking opportunities at PCLA facilities range from cooking clubs to baking competitions to formal dinners with creative menus. "The competitions are really fun, and the residents work in teams," says Kroeker. "They learn so much from creating dishes together -- sharing jobs, choosing ingredients. They practice life skills through cooking."

There are other opportunities for PCLA residents to build connections by sharing a meal. Residents and staff celebrated their annual picnic at a park in July, and recently, they worked to create Thanksgiving meals.

Cooking is one facet of a comprehensive portfolio of leisure and life skill activities that residents take part in at PCLA. Wellness groups, walking clubs and gardening are other ways that residents can find pleasure and build their self-reliance.

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